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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the World right after the Vatican City, yet an astonishing 44% of its residents are millionaires.

Living in this small but highly significant country at the heart of Europe is considered more than prestige.

In this sun filled and luxurious environment which is one of the wealthiest countries in the World, the life expectancy is 89.5 years which is the higher than any other country in the World.

The Principality is not just stress free, but due to its location between south of France and Italy, it offers a true Mediterranean atmosphere with mild winters and summers offering almost 300 sunny days during the year with an annual average temperature of 16,6 °C.

Health Pass needed in restaurants in Monaco within one month

The Government announced late on Tuesday afternoon that a Health Pass will be needed for all Monegasques, residents and employees to access bars, cafes and restaurants from August 23. Tourists and visitors to Monaco already have to furnish the document, as of July 24. “The health pass makes it possible to indicate with certainty that…

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65 public lifts, escalators and moving walkways in the Principality to be replaced

As part of a plan to replace 65 lifts, escalators and moving walkways over a period of five years, the Department of Urban Amenities will this year: – replace six escalators  – replace two escalators with a single glass lift – replace nine public lifts Of the six obsolete escalators in the Carrefour de la…

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How to apply the MONACO SAFE PASS?

Monaco is implementing its health pass, the MONACO SAFE PASS. This document will be usable in the Principality and in France. You will also be able (on a voluntary basis) to convert the Monaco Safe Pass into a European Health Pass which will be recognized in European Union countries and in countries having agreements with France and the European…

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Foundation stone laid for new Beausoleil slip road on A8 motorway

On Tuesday 13 July 2021, the foundation laying ceremony was held for work on the new A8 slip road at the access to the Beausoleil service station. The ceremony was attended by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development of the Principality of Monaco; Yoann Toubhans, representing the Prefect of the…

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The Board of Auditors Presents the 2020 Annual Public Report to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince

On 16 July 2021, the Chairperson, Mr. Jean-Pierre Gastinel, and the Vice-Chair of the Board of Auditors, Mr. Christian Descheemaeker, presented the 2020 Annual Public Report to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince. The report was approved by the Principality of Monaco’s Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) on 5 July 2021, This report, which is available on the…

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Administration assistance

Monaco residence permit

With 10 years of local experience, we offer unparalleled guidance for new residents in the Principality of Monaco.

We can help you and your family to settle, to find a school, to register your car, and to feel at home in Monaco from the very first day.

Business formation

We can help you to establish your business in the Principality of Monaco in the most efficient way.

We can help you to identify the right corporate structure, to find the desired office space, and to implement your branding and revenue strategy to the local business scenery.