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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the World right after the Vatican City, yet an astonishing 44% of its residents are millionaires.

Living in this small but highly significant country at the heart of Europe is considered more than prestige.

In this sun filled and luxurious environment which is one of the wealthiest countries in the World, the life expectancy is 89.5 years which is the higher than any other country in the World.

The Principality is not just stress free, but due to its location between south of France and Italy, it offers a true Mediterranean atmosphere with mild winters and summers offering almost 300 sunny days during the year with an annual average temperature of 16,6 °C.

Monaco Telecom offers a new fibre service

Martin Peronnet, the CEO of Monaco Telecom, told a special program on MonacoInfo on Monday night that the service provider’s new fibre service will transform the way we use the Internet in the Principality. – reports “We are aware that we are living a decisive stage in the digital life of Monaco. Digital is…

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A new, more secure and modern Monegasque passport

As of March 1, 2021, a new system for producing Monegasque passports will be put into service by the General Secretariat of the Government. This system change is accompanied by the issuance of new booklets with modernized visuals and enhanced security.

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Public Parking Services targets multiple vehicle owners

Residents who own two or three or more vehicle are posing a problem for Monaco’s car parks, the Public Parking Service has said. In order to deter residents from effectively reserving spaces by not moving their vehicles at least once a month, the Service has introduced a supplementary charge of 60 euros on top of…

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Cheap mentality

Never underestimate the value of Monaco’s small and niche community. In a country where there are only approximately 38,400 people, people talk. It is a friendly and closed community where 120 nationalities come together creating a platform to unite diverse interests. In a country where 1 in 3 people is a millionaire, and 1 in…

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Monaco Residents’ Magazine – Spring 2021

What a challenging year behind us, no wonder that we all look forward to have a positive year in 2021. To motivate our readers, the spring issue of the Monaco Residents’ Magazine is focusing on exceptional Monaco residents who were brave enough to change the course of their lives. I selected and interviewed twelve people,…

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Administration assistance

Monaco residence permit

With 10 years of local experience, we offer unparalleled guidance for new residents in the Principality of Monaco.

We can help you and your family to settle, to find a school, to register your car, and to feel at home in Monaco from the very first day.

Business formation

We can help you to establish your business in the Principality of Monaco in the most efficient way.

We can help you to identify the right corporate structure, to find the desired office space, and to implement your branding and revenue strategy to the local business scenery.