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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Types of resident cards

Types of resident cards

It takes a minimum of ten years to secure a long-term residency permit in Monaco. Though you can get your temporary residence card relatively quickly, the whole process takes a really long time. During these ten years, the Monegasque Government and the Monegasque Police will double check and review your request multiple times.

The first step is to gain the temporary residence card issued for one year only. The card is called a “Monaco Carte de Resident, Temporaire”. You can immediately receive this temporary residence card, and start your relocation into the Principality of Monaco without any delays.

However, you should never forget that the temporary residency permit is usually granted for one year only. So, if you relocate for taxation reasons, be aware of this.

Once your application for the temporary residence permit has been submitted to the Monégasque authorities, you are eligible to request the temporary residence card. The fee for this card is 10 euros. Basically, the “Monaco Carte de Resident, Temporaire” is the resident card for first-time residents.

After the expiration of the one-year period, you need to request an extension. The card must be renewed each year for the first three years before the twelve-month expiration date.

In the fourth year of your continuous residency in the Principality of Monaco, the “Monaco Carte de Resident, Temporaire”, the temporary residency cardholder will then be issued a three-year card, known as the “Monaco Carte de Resident, Ordinaire”. These cards are valid for three years, and until you exceed the ten years of continuous residency in the Principality of Monaco, you are entitled for three years of residency extensions.

In year ten, the holder of a Monaco residency may apply for the long-term residency card, known as “Carte Privilege”. It is valid for ten years.

The long-term residency card is granted at the discretion of the Monaco authorities, however, it is not automatically granted. In the case of rejection, the applicant will continue to receive the three-year Monaco resident’s card.

Monaco Resident card
Monaco Resident card (sample)

So, to summarise it, there are three general types of residence permits, and an additional fourth type:

  • »  A “temporary” (temporaire) permit can be issued with no minimum requirement period for residency in Monaco. It is therefore applicable to first-time residents. It is valid for one year and the issuing costs are 10 €
  • »  An “ordinary” (ordinaire) permit can be issued to people who have lived in Monaco for three years. It is valid for three years and the issuing costs are 15 €
  • »  A “privilege” (privilégié) permit can be issued after ten years of residence in Monaco. It is valid for ten years and the issuing costs are 30 €
  • »  A “spouse of a Monegasque national” (conjoint de monégasque) permit can be issued to any foreigner who is a spouse of a Monegasque national and who has lived in the Principality for at least one year. It is valid for five years and the issuing costs are 20 €

What is really interesting to obverse is the way that Monaco bends its own rules based on its personal preferences. Actually, they are quite selective with the residents.

For example, the ten-year residency requirement can be reduced to one year in special cases, therefore some people will be eligible for the long-term residency card, the Carte Privilege, after only one year in Monaco.

On the other hand, there are no guarantees that you will be eligible for the long-term residency, even if you have spent over ten years in the Principality of Monaco. Remember, the long-term residency card is granted at the discretion of the Monaco authorities and is not automatically granted.

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