Did you know that the „Crêpe Suzette“ was invented in the Principality of Monaco?

One of France’s most popular and delightful desserts, the „Crêpe Suzette“ was invented in the Principality at the end of the 19th century.

The recipe of this delightful pancake soaked in Grand Marnier was invented by chance at the Café de Paris during one of the visits of the Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII of England. He was a frequent and enthusiastic visitor of Monaco and whilst having lunch one day at the Café de Paris, Chef Carpentier was preparing pancakes with a liqueur when suddenly the contents of the frying pan burst into flames.

The Prince of Wales was enchanted by the spectacle and asked the chef what the recipe was called. Caught off guard but coming quickly to his senses, the chef admitted that the recipe had been invented for the occasion but suggested off the cuff that the pancakes be called „Princely Crêpes“.

In a gesture of gallantry, the Prince of Wales proposed that the dessert be named after the charming young woman he had invited to lunch, whose name was Suzette.

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