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Letter from the Editor

Monaco Residents Magazine, Rob Schols on the Winter 2021 cover
Monaco Residents' Magazine, Rob Schols on the Winter 2021 cover

Dear Reader,

This Autumn has been an emotional rollercoaster for us at Niche Media, filled with wonderful new developments that I am glad to share with you. Some of these changes affect me as the owner and editor of the Monaco Residents’ Magazine.

First of all, after a long absence due to the pandemic, we decided to bring back our regular Monaco residents’ meetings from 2022. Our next invitation-only venue will be held already in January 2022, celebrating the New Year by offering a networking possibility to build and further strengthen invaluable relationships among the verified Monaco residents’ community.

I am proud to announce that we have also launched the highly anticipated Retrospective book which includes 40 interviews and 20+ super interesting facts from the year 2020/2021. The book is in English with 510 pages and is available through Amazon both in soft- and hardcover editions.

Niche Media, the publisher of the Monaco Residents’ Magazine, is also working hard on the re-launch of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Private Club and the UHNW Magazine.

Our in-house UHNW Magazine is aimed at our discerning audience and exclusive clients based in the Principality of Monaco and worldwide. It ensures a highly focused and targeted approach to drive activation and recognition for brands or services within the wealthy community.

Talking about the present Winter 2021/2022 edition of the Monaco Residents’ Magazine, my heart is filled with joy, because we brought back art to the magazine with some exceptional interviews, artists, and art-related topics. 

People who are close to me know, that coming from a family of appreciating art, I am inspired and truly admire everything related to it. I strongly believe that a country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor. Culture is an important part and we need to safeguard it for the future generation. 

I also wanted to address some of the readers’ letters we have received recently, claiming that we should not talk about historical facts that are negative or topics that are related to the current community. Maybe I am wrong, but if we don’t educate our children about the past, then how can we expect them to change the future? 

To create a positive role model for the next generation we need to show them the difference between right and wrong because this will result in responsible decisions in their future lives. Our task is to leave a positive footprint behind.

In the Autumn issue, we talked about the fact that during the Second World War the Principality was under German occupation. This resulted in the deportation of many Jewish families. This is a very tragic moment, a dark period in the history of Monaco, yet, the Sovereign Prince not only  admitted this past mistake, but publicly apologized and ensured everyone his royal support. This uplifting moment also gave relaxation to many families who could finally find out what happened with their relatives because the Principality finally opened up their state archive records for researchers.

Coping with dark moments is never easy, but what HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco did was a highly respected act. I am proud to say that the article was exceptionally well received in the community.

In this current Winter 2021/2022 edition, we again had the privilege to feature some exceptional Monégasques and residents who achieved remarkable goals in their fields and are recognised as number ones in the world.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Juan Dávila y Verdin who contributed with a new interesting fact article for this issue on the final resting place of the members of the Princely Family.

I hope you will find lots of inspiring moments while reading this winter issue.

With sincere regards,

Zsolt Szemerszky
Chief Editor

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