Titanic commemorative artwork by Dodo Newman

Art on superyacht

Superyachts symbolize their owners’ wealth. There is no better way to increase the value of a superyacht, by displaying a bespoke, original art collection on it.

Owning a superyacht has always been considered a luxury purchase. However, an even greater way to elevate the luxury element is to “dress-up” the superyacht with bespoke, unique artworks. At present, there are more than 2,200 billionaires in the world, and they are all seeking out various ways to distinguish themselves from the others.

A unique art collection is more than wealth, it showcases the personal identity of the owner, strengthens the corporate image, and even helps to gain some taxation benefits. But overall, it can be a showstopper and a topic to talk about that makes the guests extremely curious and excited. For this reason, most of the superyacht owners hold onboard paintings and sculptures that are often worth more than the superyacht itself. It is a perfect way to elevate the tone from luxury to a bespoke experience.

It is an interesting fact that superyachts are considered equally safe places to store art, more than in private properties. Onboard, the temperature and the humidity are fully controlled, offering the most suitable conditions for the artworks.

There is a vast amount of examples of art on superyachts, ranging on a broad spectrum. Even so, some superyachts have a more impressive art collection than many small art museums. No wonder the billionaires want to show off their art collection.

Changing an interior into something exceptional with art cannot however be limited to the old masters. Many owners are looking for something cool and trendy, yet more bespoke than a mass-produced Jeff Koons balloon dog. The key is to be unique and to have something that no one else has.

It is advised and a common practice to have superyacht owners planning their art collection together with interior designers. This is because superyachts have their limitations in terms of the height of the ceiling, lighting, and also such practical things as placing and hanging a painting. The same goes for small sculptures that are often glued to the surface.

Talking about bespoke art, such as those of contemporary artist Dodo Newman (her website), who creates unique, illuminated Swarovski surfaced artworks on plexiglass. These artworks allow the flow of both natural and artificial lights inside the cabins, complimenting the interior ambient.

Besides their uniqueness, Newman’s creations address a very important challenge, namely avoiding harmful UV rays on the upper decks. Too much light can be harmful to the old master paintings. Yet, utilising the light and channelling it through Swarovski crystals results to be a great solution in terms of customisation.

It is no doubt that an old master painting has a greater value, but a contemporary artist can deliver the same wow factor and inspiration, as well utilising a modern approach to various materials. Combining the old and the new in such a way, the lower decks are usually kept for showcasing the old master paintings.

Working with a trusted art advisor and taking into account the physical as well as the value elements, the owners can address challenges such as limited space and technical classifications. 

No matter the size of the collection, proper security and insurance are also equally important. As a norm, insurance companies even separate the insurance of the high-value assets onboard from the value of the superyacht itself. We should not forget that in most cases art onboard outweighs the value of the superyacht.

Considering all these factors, and bringing together practicality, safety, and also artistic expression on these marvellous superyachts, they become not only symbols of wealth but also drops of culture on the wide ocean of human heritage.

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