Monaco port

Did you know that the EU roaming freedom does not apply for Monaco?

Monaco’s independence from the European Union is immediately noticeable for the thousands of tourists visiting it every day since the European Mobile Data Roaming freedom does not apply in the Principality.

The Principality of Monaco is an independent diamond on the Mediterranean offering invaluable benefits for its residents. For instance, the standard of living in the Principality is excellent, the life expectancy is 89.5 years, the lengthiest in the world.

On the other hand there are some things good to know about it. The majority of visiting people do not even notice that their smartphones have automatically selected a non-European network. 

This affects, not just the phone calls, but also data services are charged automatically instead of the monthly data allowance being used. In brief, as a tourist, visiting Monaco you have to expect to pay significant roaming fees; most  people are not prepared and well-informed about these extra roaming charges in Monaco.

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