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Amber Lounge and Gulf Oil International made it again!

Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International
Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International

Amber Lounge Fashion in association with Gulf Oil International, delivered an artistic fashion show with an array of eye catching fashion collections, while Motorsport drivers took to the catwalk in support of Caudwell Children.

Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International
Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International

Living for more than two decades in the Principality of Monaco, the sister of former Northern Irish Formula One racing driver Eddie Irvine, Sonia Irvine created her own legacy as the visionary and hard-working woman behind Amber Lounge.

The Amber Lounge Fashion Show is the world-renowned annual event which brings together the world of Fashion and Motorsport to raise funds for charities. F1 drivers and the Ladies of F1 take to the catwalk under the watchful eye of the world’s international media. This highly anticipated event was envisioned by  the long-term Monaco resident Sonia Irvine.

“I ran my first Amber Lounge event in Monaco, in 2003. The Formula 1 community was so supportive, and it went from there, from strength-to-strength, expanding the brand across different continents, whilst at the same time developing new concepts. To this day, I feel extremely grateful to have experienced such amazing support from everyone during all these years,” – remembers Sonia.

Amber Lounge has become an essential household name in the Principality of Monaco and across the motorsport world. No wonder people were surprised when Sonia announced her departure from Amber Lounge in the Spring edition of the Living in Monaco printed magazine. 

“I want to spend more time with my family. Sadly I lost my mum last year and it made me realize that time is precious. I’ve worked hard to establish and maintain the Amber Lounge brand, it’s now time to smell the roses and enjoy a “little” downtime,” – says Sonia.

In 2022, the Amber Lounge Fashion Show made its return with partners Gulf Oil International, Oribe, Caudwell Children and Monte Carlo Fashion Week. Delivering a dynamic fashion event under the new ownership.

Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International
Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2022 in association with Gulf Oil International

The Amber Lounge Fashion show took place within the iconic Glass Atrium at the Grimaldi Forum, showcasing both local Monegasque and international brands.

This year’s event showcased a number of designers including “AN-Y1, a Gulf Capsule Collection by Anu Hinduja and Nandita Mahtani”, Alter by Pauline Ducruet, Arleo showcasing a sustainable swimwear collection; Gina Frias, Dea Madre and Daniele Giovani. The Motorsport drivers were dressed by Crisoni, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger & Armani. Anu Hinduja and Nandita Mahtani closed the Amber Lounge Fashion Show with their iconic Gulf Oil inspired collection.

Arthur Leclerc, Andre Lotterer, Norman Nato, Jose Maria Lopez, Nick Cassidy, Mitch Evans, Ryan Walkinshaw, Maximilian Gunther, Stoffel Vandoorne, Chaz Mostert and Nick Percat all took to the catwalk in support of Caudwell Children.

The charity auction was an outstanding success with 400,000 euros raised, with the silent auction continuing until Sunday. The final amount will be confirmed in the coming days.

Amber Lounge made its long-awaited return, of its iconic, vibrant, and star-studded Grand Prix parties. Klingande, set the vibe for the evening with his iconic tech house sets.

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