Ron Garan space walk / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

Meet a NASA Astronaut at the ELEVATE Monte-Carlo event

In November 2022, former NASA astronaut, Colonel Ron Garan will visit the Principality of Monaco, by the initiation of Monaco resident, Zsolt Szemerszky. During his visit, Ron will meet and greet local school kids and residents and will give a public presentation (ELEVATE Monte-Carlo).

Ron Garan / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Ron Garan / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

Join us on a 71 million mile journey from the heart of the Principality of Monaco, and rediscover the awe and wonder of space with former NASA Astronaut, Ron Garan.

Space and innovation are highly important nowadays, the Monegasque government also entered into the Space Race with the Creation of a Bureau of Space Affairs.

Monaco resident, Zsolt Szemerszky invited Ron Garan to inspire the audience in Monte-Carlo with amazing stories of spaceflights and spacewalks from his journey beyond the edge of space.

Zsolt, why did you decide to organise this event?

My goal was to bring an authentic voice to the Principality of Monaco who can deliver a renewed sense of awe and wonder, someone who actually has experienced living in the space station. Many people and future space tourists want to represent this industry but learning from someone like Ron, who has spent 178 days in space, and has accomplished four spacewalks is a special opportunity.” – Zsolt Szemerszky, organiser.

Having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic father of three is a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, and a social entrepreneur.

Why was it important to you to bring an authentic voice to Monaco?

I believe that space travel and space research is not just about technology, it is a humanitarian contribution to life on Earth. Also, living on a space station, astronauts and cosmonauts of multiple nations are working hand in hand for a common goal.” – Zsolt Szemerszky, organiser.

The ELEVATE Monte-Carlo event will consist of a Space Conference at One Monte-Carlo conference center at the famous Casino Square, and also a Sensory experience, two Michelin starred gala dinner at the famous Blue Bay Restaurant.

Zsolt Szemerszky, founder of ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Zsolt Szemerszky, founder of ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

Why the name ELEVATE Monte-Carlo?

The borders are diminishing from the viewpoint of space and ELEVATE is all about opening up your perspective. Ron wrote a book called “Orbital Perspective” which is about his realisation that although we live in our countries and individual cities, each of us is deeply interconnected with everybody else. I believe it is a great message to bring it to all generations in Monaco as well.” – Zsolt Szemerszky, organiser.

How to Adopt an “Orbital Perspective”

Looking back at our planet from space fills us with the realization that each and every one of us is riding through the Universe together on this spaceship we call Earth and that we are all in this together.” – Ron Garan, former NASA astronaut

A little bit of fear and a lot of excitement flew Ron Garan to new heights as he boarded the Space Shuttle for his first trip into space.

From that thrilling first launch, to what it was like for him to step out into space on his very first spacewalk, Ron’s story will make you feel like you’re traveling with him on these incredible journeys.

You’ll be sitting in awe as he describes what it felt like when leaving Earth for the very first time or seeing the beauty we never imagined could exist outside our planet.

How would you describe that awe and wonder to the rest of us?

Starting from a foundation of awe and wonder changes everything. It is the “secret sauce” that opens the mind to new ideas, connections, and creative solutions.” – Ron Garan, former NASA astronaut

Do you expect many future space tourists from Monaco?

Space travel and experiencing zero gravity are more affordable than ever. This is also the reason why we offer residents the opportunity to meet and talk with Ron, to have one-on-one meetings to talk about his experiences, and what a future space traveler can expect, or how they can prepare for the journey. The event is not limited to the rich, it is for everyone interested in space and for those who are curious to see what living in space is like.” – Zsolt Szemerszky, organiser.

Through his interactive presentation and storytelling, using his fascinating experiences, Ron Garan will share his experiences of his space travel at ELEVATE Monte-Carlo.

Ron Garan at the Space station / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo
Ron Garan at the Space station / ELEVATE Monte-Carlo

We live in a world where the possibilities are only limited by our imagination and our will to act. We do not have to accept the status quo on our planet. It is possible to eliminate the suffering and conflict in our world: Nothing is Impossible #TheKeyIsWe.” – Ron Garan, former NASA astronaut

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