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National Elections 5 February 2023 Information for Future Candidates

The Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee would like to draw the attention of future candidates in the national elections to the following information ahead of the vote on 5 February 2023.

The Committee notes that, according to the provisions of Act No. 1.389, amended, of 2 July 2012, on electoral campaign financing, the preliminary campaign period for this election began on 8 September 2022.

It further notes that, under the provisions of current legislation, firstly all expenditure by a candidate or a list, as well as any income earned, must be recorded in the campaign’s accounts and, secondly, the candidate or list is obliged to appoint a financial agent, who shall be responsible for keeping accounts of income and expenditure.

In its statement published in the Journal de Monaco on 29 July 2022, the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee reiterated the importance of appointing a financial agent as early as possible.

However, since no agent has so far come forward, the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee would like to stress again the importance of appointing such an agent.

To this end, the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee has released a document which it is making available to agents.

The Committee invites agents to contact its Secretariat on 98 98 92 26 to arrange a meeting.

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