Manila di Giovanni / DWorld

DWorld Going Global

DWorld makes the Principality of Monaco shine in Malta.

DWorld, a Monegasque startup creating the virtual twin of the Principality of Monaco in the Metaverse has been warmly welcomed by the Gaming Malta Authority, Malta Digital Innovation Authority and by the Minister of Economy of Malta.

Throughout its participation to one of the most exclusive Gaming and Blockchain events, namely the SIGMA and AIBC, DWorld, lead by Manila di Giovanni has showcased its solutions to different local and international entities. The fact of being the startup having conceptualized and behind the creation of the world!s first ever virtual economy has generated a lot of interest coming from governmental authorities, enterprises, and private investors. Throughout the conferences a lot of interest has been generated with the Metaverse industry constantly rising.

Manila di Giovanni / DWorld
Manila Di Giovanni-CEO DWorld with Hon. Silvio Schembri-Minister of Economy of Malta, Ivan Filletti-CEO of Gaming Malta, Roberta Albanese Dalli-Head of Secreteriat Ministry for the Economy / Photo: DWorld

A renowned multi-family office in Monaco, Rosemont International with offices also in Malta and Calista Consulting have been great facilitators in DWorld’s market entrance in Malta, where the country has the most advanced blockchain regulations to discuss DWorld’s vision and new potential synergies with Maltese and international stakeholders. Several local enterprises in Monaco have started understanding this new industry with DWorld and have decided to innovate themselves while keeping a competitive advantage. Being born in the Principality of Monaco and now envisioning to extend to the rest of the world, DWorld is making it possible for cities to concretely access the Metaverse and boost their local economies.

Manila di Giovanni / DWorld
Photo: Manila di Giovanni / DWorld

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