Public transport of passengers using foreign vehicles

Public transport of passengers using foreign vehicles

Government announces new procedures to ensure approach is customer-focused and to facilitate economic discussions between Principality and neighbouring region

The Prince’s Government announced at a press conference today that the principle of “everyone picking up customers in their own area” would come to an end.

From 1 April, an expanded sticker scheme will be introduced to help provide a high-quality service to customers and visitors to the Principality and the neighbouring region.

The scheme that has been announced will protect the interests of Monegasque businesses, while at the same time allowing foreign taxis and private hire vehicles to pick up customers within Monaco. Since the beginning of the year, operators on each side of the border have only been permitted to drop passengers off in the neighbouring country.

“Customers are the focus of the Monaco Government’s concerns as we approach a summer season which is set to be a promising one. Based on the lessons that we have learned from hours of consultation with the French authorities and representatives from the passenger transport industry in both France and Monaco, we are today proposing a reasonable approach that should satisfy a large number of stakeholders. It is an approach that we have expanded to return customers to the focus of all our attention,” said the Minister of State in his opening remarks.

“We hope that implementation of this approach will be accompanied by reciprocal measures on the part of the French authorities, to enable Monegasque taxis and chauffeur-driven cars to pick up passengers travelling to Monaco from, for example, the airports on the Côte d’Azur. It’s a matter of common sense,” he added.

For his part, Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, set out the key aspects of the Monaco scheme, which will be in operation for the next seven months, broadly covering the summer season and the major event season.

A total of 320 stickers will be offered to eligible foreign operators: 300 for private hire vehicles and 20 for taxis, at a flat rate of 600 euro for the entire period.

“This is a fair scheme – it is based on both qualitative and quantitative concerns. A multiplier of three has been applied to reach this number of stickers, i.e. it is triple the fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles registered in Monaco. It is a clear and simple scheme which we hope will be sustainable,” explained Mr Castellini.

Source: Monaco Government

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