SASS Cafe - Sassa, Yolande, Samy

SASS’ Café celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Established in 1993, SASS’ Café, named after its owner “Sassa”, is one of the most historical venues in Monaco where you can dine, drink and dance all night long.

This prestigious family institution, founded by Salvatore Treves aka Sassa and his wife Yolande known as Yoyo, has become a party platform over the years where handpicked guests feel at home thanks to a cordial reception every night.

Salvatore Treves, born in Barcelona in 1937 and raised in Marseille, landed in Monaco in 1946
where he discovered the nightlife with the opening of the celebrities hotspot Tiffany’s club he was managing together with entrepreneur Max Poggi.

End of summer 1993, Monsieur Michel Pastor, owner of Pastor Immobilier gave him carte blanche to make a success of the ground floor premises of the Columbia building located on the prestigious Princess Grace Avenue.

SASS Cafe - Sassa & Samy
Sassa & Samy © Fabbio Galatioto

SASS’ Café’s adventure started. Sassa immediately turned this establishment into a piano-bar restaurant. Yolande, Sassa’s wife, was dreaming in big for that place. At that particular time, she, owner of four boutiques on that same avenue, was supporting SASS’ Café financially. And every evening, she was turning into the mistress of the place orchestrating the evenings of each of the guests. In an eye wink, these nightlife magnats made together SASS’ Café becoming a trendy place, insuring a warm and festive atmosphere.

In 1997, at the age of 19, Samuel Treves, their son, mostly known as Samy, got involved in the management of this successful family- owned restaurant.

Thanks to his various experiences in prestigious night clubs in London, Samy brought a new breathe into SASS’ Café, modernizing it both in concept and in the aesthetics of the premises. With an outstanding sense of relationships, Samy continues to develop a clientele among the new generation.

He now took over the establishment, still with the duo of founders by his side, maintaining it until today, thirty years later, to the level of Monegasque institution.

In September 2023, SASS’ Café will be celebrating its 30 years anniversary promising to be a one-of-a-kind party as an homage to memorable nights spent since three decades.

Since 1993, although he is now 85 years old, Sassa is still every evening at SASS’ Café, sitting at the same table. It is without any doubt that Sassa and Yolande will be in the front row to celebrate this anniversary.

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