Awa Ly, a magician’s voice

Awa Ly, a magician’s voice

Three vowels and two consonants, such a singing, suave unity: Awa Ly’s name is already harmonious, a musical vocation.

Jazz, soul, rythm and blues, funk et afrobeat, Awa Ly, a magician’s voice!
Thurs. 20th April 2023 6:30pm
Free entrance
Book your table at +377 9999 3000
from 6:30 pm aperomix – 8:30 pm live
Parking on the spot, night rate from 19h00, 0,70c/hour

As a child, Awa used to sing by instinct, from a natural order, and never thought of turning it into a career. The idea occured later, although the young lady seemed destined to become a brilliant producer. We can’t cheat destiny: the same way Awa had left France in a heart bit, to settle in Rome, she will not hesitate to dive, head first, into an artistic path. Acting from time to time, she decides to dedicate herself solely to music and records a first EP titled Awa Ly in 2014. Her blending of folk, jazz and world music seduces, as well in France as in Italy, and the live shows keep on going.

After her residency at the Sunset, one of Paris biggest jazz clubs, she went on a new creative process that led to the release of the album Five and Feathers, in 2016, directed by Jean Lamoot and Pascal Danaé (Rivière Noire «Black River», Delgrès …). Performed in English, revealed with the single Here (featuring Faada Freddy, who is, like her, of Senegalese descent), this record gave Awa the opportunity to go on a tour of over 100 dates through Germany, Italy , Senegal, Morocco and Cape Verde, not to mention France, with an mindblowing show in Café de la Danse that has left each of her viewer in awe till this day.

She finds her needs for music by being perfectly transparent with herself; just giving her whole to others. Therefore, we can presumed that this new repertoire will be an opportunity for this great stage artist to communicate even more closely with her audience. Awa Ly’s songs are not meant to just be listened. In order to grasp the deepest truth, one must see the way she becomes one with them, discover the natural choreography of her hands, the gestures and movements. You must also see her create that magic of her own, made from sharing, sweet kindness, optimism and faith in humanity. No one, after getting in touch with her music, ever leaves without feeling more peaceful, soothed by the relief of a sincere emotion.

Attentive to her audience and to the energies that flow between musicians and spectators, Awa shows a generosity and passion on stage that no one can resist!

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