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Cruise season: stopovers and inspections resume

The return of the fine weather also marks the return of cruise ships to Port Hercule. While yachting and tourism are both major industries in the Principality and add to the destination’s attractiveness, precautions are nonetheless taken when welcoming pleasure cruisers, to satisfy the highest standards of environmental responsibility and safety.

The Prince’s Government works to promote sustainable and responsible cruises

From April to November, cruise vessels are to be found alongside the yachts moored at Monaco’s ports or in the waters off the Principality. True to its commitment to preserve the atmospheric and marine environments, the Prince’s Government has thrown its support behind efforts by Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) to promote a responsible cruise policy.

Contrôle règlementaire à bord
Contrôle règlementaire à bord © Direction de la Communication – Stéphane Danna

By limiting the size of vessels permitted to enter the port or moor in Monegasque waters, and the maximum number of passengers on board, throughout the season, the Government is ensuring that local cruise activity is appropriate for Monaco, its quality of life, and economic attractiveness.

This port policy is enforced by means of ship inspections by the Department of Maritime Affairs and the Department of the Environment, in coordination with SEPM. In 2023, the teams have been set a target of inspecting the documents of 90% of the vessels mooring inside the Rainier III breakwater, and analysing samples from 30%.

SEPM was awarded “Clean Ports” certification by the standards body AFNOR in 2021 and “Clean Ports Active in Biodiversity” certification, also in 2021, with the developments of biohuts. The aim of these inspections is to encourage cruises that prioritise quality over quantity, and to prevent the risk of pollution in accordance with the international maritime agreements ratified by the Principality, such as the Barcelona Convention, by placing limits on polluting emissions from maritime transport.

In addition, since 2021, the Principality has adopted a plan for collecting and processing waste from shipping, with the aim of reducing the amount of operating waste from vessels and cargo residues at sea, and unlawful dumping of waste by vessels visiting Monaco’s ports, to protect human and environmental health.

Source: Monaco Government

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