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Vladimir Usachev – The trendsetter of the Principality of Monaco

Vladimir Usachev, co-owner and creative genius of Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo, opens up about his true love and the authentic Monte-Carlo style.

Living in Monaco magazine - Spring 2023 Vladimir Usachev cover edition
Living in Monaco magazine – Spring 2023 Vladimir Usachev cover edition

Monaco’s preeminent hairdressing salon Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo has anchored its position as a trendsetter and has been actively involved in fashion life. Its dedicated co-owner, Vladimir Usachev trained in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan, and Moscow before he decided to bring his knowledge and passion to the heart of Monte-Carlo, just above the Casino gardens.

After graduating from the Moscow Hairdressing College at the age of 18, Vladimir was completely in love with the business, which became his passion and true love.

Now, I realise how lucky I was to work with so many designers, fashion publications, actors, artists, and Hollywood stars. As I look back, I recall with pride and fondness my training in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan, and Moscow. I am grateful for all the experiences I gained during those numerous contests that came from all the effort and work!

I will never forget the incredible emotions after taking part in the first Giorgio Armani fashion show, or working on my first cover for Vogue Russia,” – remembers back Vladimir.

What was your favourite city during these years?

I can say I truly loved Los Angeles, California with all the Hollywood productions and fascinating history of movies.

When and why did you decide to move to Monaco?

I think it was the professional climate that made me really move here, it suited me. There are numerous events, luxury functions, and balls. An important factor is also the proximity to Milan, the fashion capital of the world. This helps me and my team in our work and development in the fashion industry.

Why not in Moscow?

In Moscow, I reached my professional peak. I could open my salon there and develop, like many of my colleagues, but it remains all local. I wanted to stay in the Aldo Coppola team, becoming not just a stylist but a top manager and a co-owner of the salon. My dream has come true in Monte Carlo.

Vladimir Usachev - Aldo Coppola
Vladimir Usachev / Photo credit: Snejana Barteneva

What is the key to your success?

Love for who I am, love for people. Passion and dedication are the things that gave me strength and confidence throughout my career. 

Everything has to come from the heart and the soul. That’s why I chose Aldo Coppola. This brand creates beauty through the love of self and other people. The company’s heritage and my DNA have become one – writing a beautiful book of success every day.

Photo shoots for magazines with world-famous models and participation in fashion shows have long been part of the salon’s daily activities. Aldo Coppola is a regular participant in fashion shows and collaborates with famous fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Dior, and Calvin Klein. They have always positioned themselves as trendsetters.

Are you a perfectionist?

Indeed I am, but I also clearly understand the nuances of life in Monaco.

What were the main criteria before establishing the showroom in Monaco to continue the success and maintain the heritage of Aldo Coppola?

In the beginning, the first important point for me was to open a cozy, bright, beautiful, and soulful salon precisely in the center of Monte Carlo, since it is the most convenient location. 

The second step was to put together a team that I would be proud of. Everything else is an art. With our team, one will never be late for an event, as our specialists can do hair, makeup, manicure, and pedicure, all at the same time. 

Besides this, it’s important for me to understand the needs of my clients, therefore, the salon has a VIP room, as we all sometimes want to escape from the noise, and prying eyes, and just immerse ourselves in harmony and inner beauty. This understanding led me to create a private VIP room as my clients should feel comfortable in the salon.

The love that the stylists of the salon put into everything they do and their desire to be better and grow, give confidence to all their clients.

How would you describe the “Monte-Carlo” style?

The Monaco style is definitely the soul of fashion culture, it is Grace Kelly,” – laughs Vladimir.

Twice a year, Aldo Coppola releases new collections of hairstyles, haircuts, hair colouring, and makeup trends.

Aldo Coppola
Photo: Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo

How would you describe the hairstyles for 2023?

Messy, glossy, and bob cuts. A modern interpretation of the classic bob style is back in trend. This haircut is great for fine hair since it can add texture and volume.

Messy, shaggy haircuts and styling look great on all hair types. It is important to make such hairstyles look casual, creating free space around the face.

Glossy hair is perfectly sleek as if sprayed with a liquid gloss. The hairstyle options are very different, the main rule of the trend is impeccable glossy smoothness,” – explains Vladimir.

Aldo Coppola
Photo: Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo

Vladimir is a firm believer that every step – from the head massage, the carefully chosen products, the expertise, the subtleties, and small details – maximises the result and brings harmony to the clients.

I always try to fulfil the dreams, ideas, and expectations of my clients. And as often happens in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we often don’t have enough time to dive headlong into the world of beauty. That’s why I give importance to every detail, down to the cup of coffee and glass of champagne, which all together brings satisfaction to my clients.

What kind of VIP Services do you offer at the French Riviera and what would you say, what makes your salons unique?

At the Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo Salon, one can indulge not only with hair care but also facial and body care. Hair treatment and hair care are like art forms.

Vladimir is proud of his team which of course includes not only hair stylists but also makeup and nail artists, body and face care professionals, and cosmetologists.

Do you think a good haircut requires also make-up?

It is impossible to buy one fashionable handbag and be in trend. This is not possible. Before going out with it, you need to pick the right look, and prepare the body, face and hair. It’s a serious algorithm.

The fashion and beauty industries are like left and right hands, they go parallel. Just look at the fashion show where hairstyles and makeup play a significant role in the perception of the collection and the message of the designer. I do not agree with the statement that the beauty style complements the fashion image. I think that the beauty style is complete and goes parallel.

What kind of makeup do you recommend for going out? 

The new trend is makeup with the effect of its absence. This is the right solution for every day. The coal-black is not going anywhere this season, whether we’re talking about graphic eyeliner or gray smokey, it always creates a hypnotic look. Retro is back! Classic red lipstick and layered mascara have become major sources of inspiration this winter,” – says Vladimir.

Are there any trends to consider for 2023?

The aesthetic of grunge makeup is coming back to the 2023 trend list and the demand for it continues to grow. It includes long false eyelashes, fresh rosy cheeks, and plump glossy lips.

While it’s not a new concept, healthy, minimalist makeup will still be at the top of the trends in 2023. Glossy formulas and lightweight pigments will be in trend, as consumers will be looking for products that emphasise the health and vitality of the skin.

All products used for procedures at Aldo Coppola are created exclusively from natural herbal ingredients.

Do you have any product you would highlight?

Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo works in partnership with MATIS beauty brand. All MATIS products provide care and health to the skin: they are lightweight, breathable and in a word, perfect.

As for hair care services, the Aldo Coppola brand adheres to a policy of absolute naturalness of haircare, revitalisation, and anti-loss products based on henna and essential oils without parabens, and silicones.

Our professionals always introduce first the treatment to the client, explaining all the nuances and uniqueness of the compositions, before starting the procedure. 

Many treatments have already become legendary: hair spa, henna treatment, or our Mineral Relax ampoules which stole the hearts of many of our clients,” – explains Vladimir. – “However, the company is never complacent and continues to improve the formulas of even our best products. And, of course, we continue to add new favourites to the range of care products. 

For example, at the end of the last year, we released a brand new line with a topical name “Amo”.

How easy is it for a client to choose the right treatment, the best from the best? 

I always emphasise that Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo has a team of professionals that will guide and carefully choose the best treatment and product that suits the client. 

Our task is to identify the specific needs and guide our clients into Aldo Coppola Monte-Carlo’s world of harmony and beauty.

What is the best part of your work?

It is “to love with open eyes”,” – smiles Vladimir. – “The salon and I work together and reveal beauty and brilliance to the world and this is proof that special encounters are not accidents. 

During the busy days, when the salon is full, I hear the voices of clients, the sound of blow dryers and the phone ringing. Then I hear new clients want to come, I lift my head and just look into the salon and realise that all these beautiful people chose us and everything else is the art of love.

Talking about going out or being present at the exclusive events of the Principality of Monaco, Vladimir and his expert team offer a unique Mobile Beauty Service as a pleasant, time-saving alternative. As he simply states “everyone wants to look beautiful at special events”.

The beauty experts of the salon provide services at any suitable location: at home, in an office, at a country residence, or in a hotel. 

Currently, on-site services include all types of haircuts, hair styling, colouring, makeup, manicure, and pedicure services, as well as cosmetology procedures upon prior agreement with a specialist. This is a perfect solution for those who are getting ready for an important event and have less time to visit the salon.

Vladimir is a true artist and trendsetter, truly embracing everything creative around him. His main inspiration is nature, art, fashion, history, heritage, architecture, and science. 

His work is an art with creative experimentation. This approach and philosophy are what make the salon legendary.

Thanks to the work and creativity of its experts, the Aldo Coppola salon has strengthened its position as a trendsetter and continues to attract new and loyal customers with the leading hands and heart of Vladimir Usachev.

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