Aya Antropova

Aya Antropova – The champion of encouraging ethical philosophy

Aya Antropova is the Ambassador of the Antropov Foundation, which has as its mission to help individuals develop their potential for implementing positive changes in our society.

Living in Monaco magazine - Spring 2023 Aya Antropova cover edition
Living in Monaco magazine – Spring 2023 Aya Antropova cover edition

Aya Antropova is the leading Ambassador of a philanthropy mission to create a social environment that would encourage individuals to grow more humane in their thoughts, words, and actions.

The Antropov Foundation aims to foster and promote values steeped in ethical philosophy among the public with a rich heritage of cultural activities since 2009.

The purpose of the foundation is to unite the efforts of true philanthropists to solve the global problems of mankind. The mission is to contribute to the improvement of the world,” – explains Aya.

In Hellenistic Greek, phil-anthropia (from phil- “loving” + anthrōpos “mankind”) came to designate the love of humanity which is the reason for strengthening social compassion. Subsequently, for the Byzantines, this fundamental commitment to the principles of philanthropy marked the very essence of what a civilised society meant.

With headquarters in Monaco, the charity’s main field of activity lies in promoting a wide spectrum of philanthropic, cultural, and academic initiatives that increase overall social responsibility and contribute to overall prosperity and world peace.

What does the word philantrophy mean to you?

Helping people to get on their feet, find their place in life, fulfil themselves, and develop their potential is a very important task to make philanthropy count in the modern world, which abounds in so many problems and injustices,” – says Aya.

Why did you choose Monaco for its headquarters?

The Principality offers a home to a high concentration of wealthy and established people who are disposed of by nature to charity. Monaco offers a great merit to attract philanthropists,” – says Aya.

Aya Antropova
Aya Antropova

Aya is a firm believer that culture and fostering of talent pave the way to a better world. Therefore, she is also the Art Director of the philosophical non-profit Nachalo Magazine. The name Nachalo means “The Beginning”. Launched in 2010, the monthly illustrated magazine is the flagship product of the Antropov Foundation, which is distributed in Russia and abroad.

Who is your primary target group?

The Nachalo Magazine is a publication for people who are able to think – that special and unique lot who have their own individuality and are not ready to thoughtlessly follow the majority, but wish to build their views and opinions independently by reflection and getting the grasp of the complex current issues of modern life,” – explains Aya.

At various stages among the magazines’ major contributors were: philosopher Darío Salas Sommer, French religious thinker Arnaud Desjardins, international reporter Vladimir Pozner, ballet prima Maya Plisetskaya, international voyager, aerial and marine explorer Fyodor Konyokhov, psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett and many other outstanding personalities.

Many years ago, Alexey Antropov’s – the husband of Aya – acquaintance with Darío Salas Sommer prompted him to create a charitable foundation.

First, I discovered his book “The Science of Love”, which helped me get out of a difficult life situation,” – remembers back Alexey. – “Then, a few years later, I had the great opportunity to meet him personally.

According to Alexey:

The teachings of Darío Salas Sommer changed my whole life, giving it a new meaning.

Aya and Alexey also patronised the ELEVATE Space Conference held in the heart of the Principality of Monaco. The conference was dedicated to children and students of the Principality, with the main message that we can achieve more together in peace and unity.

Guests received a complimentary book of Darío Salas Sommer, the “Cosmic Currency/The Greatest Wealth”. Furthermore, a private letter written a year before the Chilean philosopher’s death, who was also the founder of the Latin American Foundation Simon Bolivar was given to the organisers to be publicly read during the conference.

What was the main reason that you decided to support the ELEVATE Space Conference?

I feel very close to the philosophy promoted by astronaut Ron Garan which says that the planet earth is a single home for all people. This was also the key reason why the foundation became the key supporter of the ELEVATE Monte-Carlo Space Conference,” – says Alexey.

The world is going through global unrest. Do you think it is evolving into something better or are we entering into even more unrest?

You need to live in the present moment and calmly accept everything that happens in the outside world,” – says Alexey.

Alexey Antropov and Darios Salas Sommer
Alexey Antropov and Darios Salas Sommer

Personally for you, what was the most important message you learnt from Darío Salas Sommer?

Man is an animal with only a small fraction of humanity. The meaning of human life is to develop one’s humanity, to restrain one’s animal nature,” – says Alexey.

Based on your opinion, what is the key element to finding peace in our life?

The task of man is to find peace within himself. So she/he can make her/his own contribution to the harmony of peace on earth,” – says Alexey.

How would you compare the view of life in Monaco to that in the home country of the Chilean philosopher and humanist, Darío Salas Sommer and also in Russia?

No matter where you are, in Monaco, Chile, Russia, or in any part of the world, reasonable people will perceive the world in approximately the same way,” – says Alexey.

Do you believe that humans can achieve unity over individual political interests?

I believe that is possible but only in the face of universal destruction,” – says Alexey.

Your foundation purchases and donates original artworks as well. What do you think, how can art and philosophy as tools transform the world?

I think that the only way to change the world is by changing ourselves. 

For example, Antropov Foundation purchased an original piece from Mikhail Shemyakin, the artist’s most significant work “Raskolnikov’s dream about trichinella worms” (2021), and donated it to the Dostoevsky Moscow House Museum Centre. We publish continuously multiple philosophical books and produced short films to encourage positive changes,” – says Alexey.

One of the short films by the Andropov Foundation – filmed in 2014 – is “Temptation by Civilization” which was included in the shortlist of the prestigious Monaco Streaming Film Festival. 

The short film goes back to the roots of the foundation as it was inspired by the works of the famous philosopher Darío Salas Sommer, recognised by such famous leaders and influencers as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lionel Messi, Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping, and Francis Ford Coppola.

Why is this film so special?

Temptation by Civilization is a reflection on the nature of the conflict between modern man and civilisation.” – raises Alexey the question passionately. – “Our short film reflects the thoughts and ideas of Darío Salas on how the modern civilisation and people themselves influence the world around us and questions, whether we are able to build a society based on moral values where each individual can find his own meaning of life,” – says Alexey.

How do you see it, what are the most important steps to implement positive changes in our lives?

To observe, to know ourselves, to understand our internal conflicts, and most importantly to look for a bright beginning within ourselves,” – says Alexey.

What was the most memorable moment of your life?

It was the last time when I saw Darío Salas Sommer. Already leaving, I was at the door and he called me to take a picture as a memory. I never saw him alive again,” – says Alexey.

Do you have any hobbies?

I do not have permanent hobbies. My focus is only on the goals that I want to achieve because I do not know what will happen tomorrow,” – says Alexey.

Tell us more about the Antropov Foundation.

Philanthropy needs to take an increasingly global outlook on the world’s most intractable humanitarian and environmental problems across the planet and forge a comprehensive global strategy. 

We have established the International Philanthropy Summit to recognise the diversity of talent, ideas, and excellence across the world of philanthropy and stressed the social responsibility of wealthy individuals and luxury brands toward their respective communities, nationally and globally. 

I believe it is a first step toward shaping a global philanthropic strategy. We don’t know what the future holds, time will tell,” – says Alexey.

What was the most inspiring location you have ever visited?

The village of Cherny Zaton on the Volga where my paternal ancestors were born,” – says Alexey.

What would your advice be for the next generation?

Be yourself,” – concludes Alexey Antropov.

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