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Prince’s Government implements water resource management plan and activates “alert” level

The Prince’s Government recently adopted a comprehensive plan designed to “guarantee efficient use of water resources”. The plan has been developed in a situation where early drought conditions have been noted since winter.

The drought plan comprises four alert levels, from simple vigilance through to a crisis situation. It should make it possible to substantially reduce water withdrawal, extend the use of reserves and delay the need to take crisis measures.

In light of conditions that are already concerning, even before the summer season has begun, the Government has activated level 2 of its new drought plan – “alert” level – as has the neighbouring French department of Alpes-Maritimes for the watersheds closest to the Principality.

In specific terms, the measures in place from 13 May 2023, which take account of Monaco’s specific features, cover the following areas of use:

– Vegetable gardens may only be watered between 8 pm and 8 am.

– The watering of lawns, flower beds, planters, green spaces and sports fields (no exceptions) is prohibited between 8 am and 8 pm, and must be reduced by 20%

 – The filling of whirlpools or Jacuzzis, paddling pools and public or private swimming pools is prohibited unless absolutely necessary or as part of work that is already underway.

– Vehicles and equipment may not be washed at private homes or on public roads. However, they may be washed, whether for professionals or private individuals, at sites which use high-pressure equipment and have a water recycling system.

– Boats and other watercraft, whether for recreational or business use, is authorised at the following times only: 7.30 am–9 am and 8 pm–9.30 pm, or when carried out by professionals using high-pressure equipment and a water recycling system.

– The cleaning of building facades and roofs is prohibited.

– Public and private fountains are closed, unless they operate on a closed circuit or using a push button system.

– It is prohibited to fill, top up or empty garden ponds, unless absolutely necessary due to the presence of wildlife species.

– The use of water for industrial, artisanal and commercial purposes or during the holding of events must be reduced by 20%.

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Source: Government Portal

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