Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc makes his musical debut

Ferrari pilot, Charles Leclerc has released a four minute piano piece called ‘AUS23 (1:1)’, followed by his new song titled ‘MIA23 (1:2)’.

Reminiscent of a Ludovico Einaudi piece, Leclerc arpeggios over layers of evocative strings. It’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it is an earnest and pleasant modern classical piece.

“I dare not define myself as an artist in any way. At the time, as you know, I really like playing the piano. This is how my first song was born,” Leclerc said. “I’m excited to share with you a piece made on the piano. It’s a project I was working on, born out of a passion for music and the desire to get away from the races or between one GP and another. I created this piece on the Australian GP and that’s why it’s called AUS23 (1:1). A denomination adopted with my team. I thought it was a nice connection to the world of racing.”

“My love for music has always been there, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I started playing the piano,” Leclerc wrote on Spotify, adding: “With more time at home, I decided to buy a piano and learn to play. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the instrument and find myself playing it whenever I’m at home.”

Leclerc has regularly shown his piano prowess on his Instagram account, but the song’s release is remarkable in that it has risen quickly to the top 10 of multiple iTunes charts.

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