Claudia Cherki

Claudia Cherki the Champagne maker from Monaco

The visionary champagne lady, Claudia Cherki is a role model for those who are not shy to follow their dreams. After many years of hard work and a vast family experience, she perfected a champagne that is worthy of the highest standards. Beside her gastronomic venture, Claudia is also the ambassador of a recycled clothing brand, leaving a footprint to inspire others.

Being passionate about fashion and the sea, when Claudia Cherki arrived in the Principality of Monaco it left precious memories in her heart. 

It was a momentous time for all of us when HSH Prince Albert II married HSH Princess Charléne, which was a special period with uplifting feelings,” – remembers Claudia.

Just as when I first saw the Historic Grand Prix and heard the loud and vibrating sound of the Formula One race cars,” – she continues.

Claudia Cherki
Claudia Cherki

Later on, she enrolled at the International University of Monaco which was a challenging but wonderful time for her, as Claudia describes.This is also the period when she developed her entrepreneurial sense to be herself and leave an impact in the field of sustainable fashion and high-end champagnes.

I think Monaco offers a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs, equality for women and men. Adding value to the economy, increasing the level of luxury, loving and preserving life, or protecting nature, the Principality offers a platform to create wonderful synergies for those who are willing to contribute to bringing visions to life. When you can relate to the core values of the Principality, it can fill you up with love and potential.

In these terms, how did Monaco inspire you?

My heart was filled with motivation to do businesses that fit the values that the Principality represents. As an entrepreneur, I feel grateful to be here and to be able to contribute to the growth of all these qualities, not just locally, but also to send a positive message to the whole world. I think Monaco should be an example of how to create productivity with elegance and respect.

Claudia is the founder of a high-quality champagne brand wearing her name. No wonder, as she grew up with the wine business floating through her veins. 

My mother was an opera singer but when she found love, she followed my father in his wine journey and experience of life.

The family is proud of their 50 years of experience in the wine industry and this passion for wines is clearly reflected in the upbringing of Claudia, who has participated in many wine tastings already from an early age.

As a young girl, I tested the wines and later on I became a wine importer.

Parallel to her MBA studies at the International University of Monaco, she was pursuing her dream to create a perfectly balanced champagne.

In 2022, Claudia launched five different selections of Champagne with a Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and some others with mixed grape assemblages.

Claudia Cherki
Claudia Cherki

The inspiration for the Champagne Claudia Cherki selection was to create and offer a special time and experience for Champagne Lovers. Something similar to gastronomic restaurants, or special clubs and events to mark the moment through the quality and unique delicate test.

It took us a few years to achieve the desired result and perfect the recipes. Also, I worked hard to match them with the right design, create requests, and overall complete all the necessary formalities.

Was it a difficult process?

It was complex, but it was such a wonderful journey to start this experience! Today, when I see my own brand, Champagne Claudia Cherki, my heart is filled with pride and joy.

They all love my Champagnes! With no acidity and with fine delicate bubbles for all Champagne Lovers to bring them special moments and experiences of life.

Champagne Claudia Cherki is offering the luxury of a memorable time and moments with special people. 

The appreciation towards the brand arises from gastronomic experts and high-end luxury establishments, as some of the sommeliers mention Champagne Claudia Cherki in the highest level worthy for the most renown champagne brands.

Claudia Cherki
Claudia Cherki

My champagne found its position by itself as everyone put it in the same position, often ranking it even higher than some of the most known brands.

When I heard this it made me feel  deeply emotional as before my favourite champagne was Ruinar Blanc de Blancs. 

Funny enough, now I have become addicted to my own Champagne as I perfected it to my taste and apparently to a lot of champagne lovers.

What’s the next step in this journey?

Claudia Cherki
Claudia Cherki

I am planning to send my Champagne to Champagne Competitions because my biggest satisfaction comes from  seeing the results coming from people who are testing it.

For those who are interested to experience the Champagne Claudia Cherki collection can taste it in multiple places in Monaco such as the Metropole Hotel, Gaia Monaco, La Piazza, Flashman, Le Nautique, and many more; or there is the possibility to purchase bottles at Fauchon Metropole.

Besides her gastronomic venture, Claudia is also actively pursuing her fashion studies, coupled with training in fashion at Aline Buffet in Cannes. Since 2016, Claudia has held a position as a global ambassador of her recycled fashion company, which is her contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem. 

I became an ambassador of the concept of recycling manufacturing. Through my fashion company I promote recycled clothes made from recycled marine plastic and plastic bottles. Our goal is to shift consumers to contribute to reducing pollution by giving a second life to waste. This is a long process but it can help to change our mindset with an environmental éthique in our daily life through the choice of the fabric of the clothes we wear.

Fast-fashion as it currently operates, has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases are emitted each year by the consumption of clothing, the textile industry represents 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to Oxfam. 

Change is needed as sustainability becomes more and more  the main attention for people. Unfortunately, most people are still living their lives based on routines and educating them is a great task for Claudia and her team as she aims to fight against the ultra-fast consumption of ready-to-wear clothes.

As a visionaire in 2016 and through my research and intuition, I created a promising fashion collection of professional uniforms. Coming out with a high-quality and positive, tangible product was important  to motivate people to contribute to the reduction of pollution for a better planet,” – explains Claudia.

Similarly to the Champagne Claudia Cherki brand, sustainable fashion is also a key importance in the heart of Claudia. It is the result of her vision and many years of research.

As we can see today, the subject of recycling materials became one of the major topics because of its impact on the planet.

Claudia is a great inspiration for those who wish to create a positive impact and a long-lasting footprint. She is full of energy and constantly has new projects that follow the values of the Principality. She makes sure that through her projects she is adding values and products that are helping to make the world a better place.

Claudia Cherki

Claudia reveals that her source of inspiration comes from traveling to find  creativity and to create synergies that make unique projects.

The best advice I have been given and that I can give is to seek out joy with deep determination and belief in everything that you do.

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