THE NIWAKI Sushi Championship

European Sushi Championship 2024

Launched by Julien Panet in 2023, the European Sushi Championship is back for a second edition and will take place in Monaco on 4 November 2024. Former partner of the event, Sushi Robots, European leader in machines for Japanese gastronomy, will be the organiser this year.

The competition will take place at THE NIWAKI restaurant, the new Japanese destination in the Principality of Monaco.

This championship will bring together candidates from nine European countries: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Sweden, as well as France represented by Tino Singharaj, the overall winner of the 2024 French Sushi Championship. The 43-year-old Laotian-born enthusiast works at the La Senne restaurant in Sète, run by a former family of Sète tuna fishermen, serving products from the family catch.

Two tests to decide between the candidates

To begin with, there will be a preparatory round (60 minutes) in which the chefs will have to prepare and present to the jury the raw materials they will be using in the next round. Note that the fish will have to be cut into saku.

Then comes the creative round (60 minutes), the most decisive part of the competition to decide the winner. The chefs will have to propose 40 to 50 pieces of sushi on one or more plates, including nigiri, maki, uramaki, kazari-maki, kazari-sushi, vegetarian sushi and 15 pieces of sashimi.

An emblematic place run by a renowned chef

The venue for this unique event is THE NIWAKI, the co-organiser of the event and a specialist in Japanese couture cuisine. A Monegasque establishment featuring a sushi counter headed by Chef Wagner Spadacio, winner of the titles of vice world champion (2018) and French sushi champion (2017) and Chef Shahar Dahan, Corporate Chef of THE NIWAKI restaurant.

The Restaurant

THE NIWAKI, ultimate Japanese destination in Monte-Carlo, is the very expression of Nippon contemporary cuisine. The restaurant was born from the passion Samy has for Japan, and his fascination for Japanese cuisine and gardens, particularly for the niwaki pruning art. Other than their beautiful aesthetic, it is the spirit behind it which makes it so charming to him. Looked after by meticulous gardeners, every step is done with great care and their full energy is used in the creation of the tree shape. These art trees embody the core of nature, with trees reduced in scale and pruned as clouds to retain their essence.

The art of niwaki (庭 niwa: garden and 木 ki: tree), steeped in the deepest of traditions dating back thousands of years, is guided by serenity, patience and attention to details. The niwaki pruning art’s objective is to restore the essence of the tree, same way as we strive to offer our guests the essence of Japanese.

About Sushi Robots

Founded in 2015, Sushi Robots, which specialises in marketing sushi machines, employs 26 staff spread across France, Poland, Spain, the UK and Germany. The European leader in machines for Japanese gastronomy offers its customers various machines, utensils and services for making sushi.

In 2024, Sushi Robots reached a major turning point in its range of services with the creation of a training centre, the Japanese Cuisine Academy, the launch of a new brand of robots, Izy-bots, aimed at professionals in the hotel and catering, health services and supermarket sectors, and the organisation of the French and European Sushi Championships following the acquisition of the brands.

THE NIWAKI Sushi Championship
THE NIWAKI © Fabbio Galatioto

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