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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Population Census: Population

Population Census: Population

As at 7 June 2016, Monaco’s resident population was estimated at 37,308, (representing 139 different nationalities) which is an increase of 5.5% compared with 2008.

Population Census

It is also interesting to see that the Principality of Monaco has a female-male breakdown of 50.1% for the females and only 48.9% for the males.

The average age in Monaco is 46.5 years old, 45.5 for the males and 47.4 for the females.

A total of 139 different nationalities were recorded among residents.

Population Census

Furthermore, the census recorded 8,378 residents of Monegasque nationality. This means 77.5% of the Principality is formed by foreign residents.

Population Census

More interestingly a quarter of all residents in 2016 had moved to the Principality of Monaco during the last eight years.

The majority of residents aged 17 or over live with a partner. More than half of residents live with a spouse.

Population Census

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