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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Monégasque National Anthem

Monégasque National Anthem

Monaco’s national anthem is called “Hymne Monégasque” or “Monégasque Anthem”. 

Théophile Bellando de Castro wrote the original lyrics in French and composed the music of the 1st edition of Hymne Monégasque in 1841, later Castil-Blaze modified the melody and made several other minor changes. 

Original Lyrics in French 

Principauté Monaco ma patrie,
Oh! Combien Dieu est prodigue pour toi.
Ciel toujours pur, rives toujours fleuries,
Ton Souverain est plus aimé qu’un Roi. 

Fiers Compagnons de la Garde Civique,
Respectons tous la voix du Commandant.
Suivons toujours notre bannière antique.
Le tambour bat, marchons tous en avant. 

Oui, Monaco connut toujours des braves,
Nous sommes tous leurs dignes descendants.
En aucun temps nous ne fûmes esclaves.
Et loin de nous, régnèrent les tyrans. 

Que le nom d’un Prince plein de clémence,
Soit répété par mille et mille chants.
Nous mourrons tous pour sa propre défense,
Mais après nous, combattront nos enfants. 

Original Lyrics in English 

Principality of Monaco my country
Oh! How God is lavish with you.
The sky always pure, the shores always blooming [with flowers],
Your Monarch is more revered than a King. 

Proud Companions of the Civic Guard,
Let us all respect the voice of the Commander.
Always follow our old banner.
The drum beats, let us all walk ahead. 

Yes, Monaco always had brave men,
We are all their worthy descendants.
Never were we slaves.
And far from us the tyrants ruled. 

That the name of a merciful Prince
Be repeated by a thousand songs.
We shall all die in his own defense,
But after us, our children will fight. 


In 1848 the National Guard created by Prince Charles III, adopted Bellando’s song and it became the March of the National Loyalists.

In 1896 Charles Albrecht composed a new arrangement for piano, published by Tihebaux in Paris and called Air National de Monaco; in 1897 Decourcelle of Nice, printed an edition called 429 Hymne National de Monaco for piano. 

Years later, François Bellini orchestrated the song by Albrecht; this new arrangement for a trio was judged to be too long for people in 1900 and ceased being played. 

The modern version was created by Léon Jehin in 1914 and was played for the first time during the 25th anniversary of the beginning H.S.H. Prince Albert’s reign. 

Full Monégasque Lyrics 

Despoei tugiù sciü d’u nostru paise
Se ride au ventu, u meme pavayùn
Despoei tugiù a curù russa e gianca
E stà l’emblema, d’a nostra libertà 

Grandi e i piciui, l’an sempre respetà
Oila cü ne toca!
Oila cü ne garda!
Fo che cadün sace ben aiço d’aiçi: 

Amu avü sempre r’a meme tradiçiùn
Amu avü sempre r’a meme religiùn
Amu avüu per u nostru unù
I meme Prìncipi tugiù
E düsciün nun pura ne fa scangia
Tantu ch’au celu, u suriyu lüjerà;
Diu n’agiüterà
E mai düsciün nun pura ne
fa scangia

Nun sëmu pa gaire,
Ma defendëmu tüti a nostra tradiçiun;
Nun sëmu pa forti,
Ma se Diu voe n’agiütera! 

Oila cü ne toca!
Oila cü ne garda!
Fo che cadün sace ben ailo d’aili: 


Full Monégasque Lyrics in English 

Historically, the same flag
Floats happily in the wind of our country
Always the colours red and white
Have been the symbol of our freedom 

Great and small have always respected it!
Greetings, you who are our neighbours!
Greetings, you who are watching us!
It is important that everyone remembers the following: 

We have perpetuated the same traditions;
We celebrate the same religion;
We have the honour
To have always had the same Princes
And no one can make us change
As long as the sun shines in the sky
God help us
And no one can ever
make us change
No one. 

There are not very many of us,
But we all strive to defend our traditions;
We are not very powerful,
But if he wants to, God will help us! 

Greetings, you who are our neighbours!
Greetings, you who are watching us!
It is important that everyone is well aware of that! 


Finally, in 1931, Louis Notari wrote the lyrics in the Monégasque language. Only the Monégasque lyrics are official, reportedly dating back to a request from The H.S.H. Prince. 

Current Official Monégasque Lyrics 

Despoei tugiù, sciü d’u nostru paise
Se ride aù ventu, u meme pavayun
Despoei tugiù a curù russa e gianca
E stà l’emblèma d’a nostra libertà
Grandi e piciui, l’an sempre respetà 

Current Official Monégasque Lyrics in English 

Forever, in our land,
One flag has flown in the wind
Forever, the colours red and white
Have symbolised our liberty
Great and small [people] have always respected them 

The current official lyrics contain only one verse, sung at the start of the song and repeated again near the end after an instrumental interlude in the middle. 

The national anthem is rarely sung aloud if at all in Monaco, except at official occasions. 

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