People to avoid in Monaco

Even if it is a closed world, there are many nice people. It would be really unfair to judge a whole community based on a few people with questionable morality. 

I remember not so long ago, I met with a friend of mine, a Monegasque citizen. We talked about the services and possibilities that Monaco offers to foreign individuals. When I asked a question about things that Monaco could consider offering its wealthy residents, she promptly replied to me:

“If you do not like something over here, you can leave.”

At first, I felt like this was an extremely arrogant answer. It felt to me like “we do not care about you, just bring the money because we are Monaco.” However, I realised soon that she was right in many senses and obviously from different aspects. 

In the Principality, you have so many benefits and potential, therefore, people are trying to protect themselves from any new or negative impact. When you are relocating to Monaco, you are welcome to enjoy its benefits, but not to reform the existing rules. When you adopt them, you can have an increased quality of life. 

Again, Monaco is a small and concentrated place; the whole country is smaller than the street I live on in Berlin, Germany. So, finding a negative mentality cannot detract from the immense amounts of positive ones. However, I decided to highlight for you some personal experiences, which can be useful to consider in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.