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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Schooling & Education

Schooling & Education

The education system of the Principality of Monaco conforms to that of France but differs in some of the obligatory classes. All public and private educational establishments under contract to the Principality, are recognised as approved French schools abroad.

Schooling is obligatory for children aged from six to sixteen years, in addition children can attend nursery school from the age of three.

The school year is divided into 36 weeks, from September to July, separated by four holiday periods (Autumn half term, Christmas, February half term and the Easter holidays). Typical holidays are All Saints’ Day holiday, National Day, Immaculate Conception, Christmas holidays, winter half-term-holidays, Easter Monday, Spring half-term holidays, Ascension, Whit Monday, Monaco Grand Prix, Corpus Christi and naturally the Summer holiday.

State education is free of charge for all the residents, and within the state education system in Monaco, there are six nursery and primary schools.

There is a collège (secondary school) for children aged 11-15, and there is a general and technological lycée for pupils aged 15 to 18, and a vocational lycée.

Of course, when your children are growing, they will have many possibilities for education in local or private schools as well.

In general, lessons are taught in French, however most schools offer a multi-language education, which can help non-French-speaking pupils to integrate.

The timetables, teaching programs and diplomas, correspond to those of the French national education system. For examinations, the Principality’s educational establishments fall under the aegis of the Nice education authority. 

The Principality of Monaco offers a high-quality standard of teaching in small and children focused classes. Numerous options are available to pupils throughout their schooling to suit individual needs and aptitudes, and there are various international classes available.

Interestingly, English is taught from the age of three, and children can learn to swim from the age of five. Also fascinating is that children can learn the Monegasque language as well, which is taught in both primary and secondary schools.

Religious instruction is included in the curriculum, unless parents expressly refuse it. Students are taught Monégasque history and language, and great importance is attached to artistic and cultural educational activities.

In this page we talk about:

  • Schools in Monaco
    The Principality is able to offer places to approximately 5800 school children, and employs about 450 teachers.
  • How-to enrol your children into nursery school
    Nursery schools (écoles maternelles) accept children who are too young for compulsory education.
  • How-to enrol your children into primary and secondary school
    Education is compulsory for all children aged six to sixteen who are Monegasque nationals or living in Monaco.
  • Primary Schools
    Primary education starts at age 6, although there are nursery schools for even younger children.
  • Secondary Schools
    Secondary education is from age 11 or 12 and lasts for 4 years.
  • Lycée
    The “lycée” is a secondary school for the second phase of secondary education.
  • University

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