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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Competitive for your family

Competitive for your family

One of the most positive aspects of the Principality of Monaco is the care and the security that it offers its residents. It is among the main key factors for many people who come to Monaco from unsafe environments. Once they realise all that Monaco offers for its residents, they are willing to pay higher initial fees to find a secure and pleasant place for themselves and for their beloved family. 

Why? Personally, if there is one thing I have learnt, it is that money is not the prime asset in life. Once you understand that love and care cannot be justified by money, then you will start to seek different qualities for yourself and your loved ones.

Maybe you have heard about Monaco’s extraordinary skyscraper the Odeon Tower (Tour Odeon) which is actually one of the largest skyscraper in Europe at 170 meters high. It was built by the Marzocco Group which was founded in the 1960s by Domenico Marzocco, and is currently one of the leading real estate development companies in Monaco.

The Marzocco family is an Italian family, and Domenico Marzocco has a son named Claudio Marzocco. In 1988, the young Claudio was kidnapped by the Calabria-based mafia, Ndrangheta, and they demanded a ransom from the Marzocco family.

The deal for the ransom never took place, because luckily Claudio managed to escape after 15 years of abduction. Just a week later the whole Marzocco family moved to the Principality of Monaco where they found security for both themselves and their business.

Nowadays, there are many ways to protect our loved ones. The ultra-rich go to such extremities as to placing GPSs into the teeth or underneath their skin of their children. However, by living in Monaco you can reduce the unnecessary risks and enjoy an undisrupted, high quality of life with your family.

The Principality of Monaco forms a part of our self-ideal. In Monaco, you can find all of the qualities and attributes of other people you may admire. Perhaps you have not always lived your best life, but if you are striving to be better in different areas of your life, this environment can motivate you and your family to achieve whatever your desires may be. 

What is also unique to see as a foreign person is the strong respect and mutual support that the Grimaldi family and the Monégasque people care for each other. It is very rare to find a bond like this in other countries, especially a bond which has remained so strong throughout the past centuries. This is one of the factors, which will definitely change your life philosophy once you become a long-term resident of the Principality of Monaco.

As an interesting remark, I would also like to highlight that the members of the Monaco Princely Family often marry commoners. And this trend did not even start with Grace Kelly, since Princess Grace was not even the first American citizen married in (location)/married into (family) the Principality of Monaco. Actually, the first American-born princess was Marie Alice Heine who wed H.S.H. Prince Albert I in 1889, becoming Her Serene Highness Princess Alice of Monaco. So the bond with commoners is there at every level.

After spending only a few months in Monaco, you can realise how competitive it is for you and your family. This is because Monaco offers values for each member of a family without age limitations. And the perfect thing is that a person who speaks English or Italian can deal with the local administration without learning French. 

The Principality of Monaco is also very strong in cultural values. In its multi-cultural environment the Principality offers high quality, internationally-recognised education for your children. 

In this multi-language environment, where the three most commonly used languages are French, Italian and English, you can find an exceptionally rich cultural atmosphere. This is a major difference when you compare Monaco to other countries which also offer taxation benefits. The thing is, for example, in the Cayman Island or Bahamas, you can go and play golf, but that’ is basically it. Many offshore jurisdictions are limited in activities, however, in Monaco, you can have countless programs during the whole year, starting from Opera and Ballet to various concerts, charity functions or exhibitions. 

Although Monaco’s official language is French, sometimes you can also hear the traditional national Monégasque language of the Monégasque people. Monégasque was threatened with extinction in the 1970s, but luckily the language is now being taught in schools and its continuance is considered secure. It is a very interesting fact and sign of safeguarding the Monégasque language that in the old part of Monaco, the street signs are marked with Monégasque in addition to French. 

The multi-cultural environment and the possibility to learn and practice three to four languages in the same small environment is a great and motivating aspect. It also provides the benefit of better future possibilities for the young generation who grow up within the territory of the Principality of Monaco. 

Obviously, the Principality is also competitive for the elder generation by offering a very flexible business environment. What is very interesting in Monaco is that after three years of a business operation, the Government taxes you based only on your business profit. Therefore, you will have an abundance of support and motivation, which will allow you to focus on your business development.

It is a mutual interest in Monaco between the business owners and the Princely Government. Obviously if you are getting more and more wealthier it enlightens the prestige of the Principality as well. Common goals and common efforts make this environment very special.

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