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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Monaco is sexy

Monaco is sexy

Monaco offers a Mediterranean atmosphere with mild winters and summers. Every morning, it is a great blessing to have good weather. The whole environment is there to make a positive day for you. Monaco offers almost 300 sunny days during the year with an annual average temperature of 16.6 °C.

Monaco's average temperature

On most mornings, you can wake up to sunshine since Monaco offers beautiful sunny weather in all seasons of the year. Then when you open the windows or doors to your terrace, you can smell the salty air that the slight wind brings over to you. Then you can take in a glimpse of the morning reflections of the wavy sea.

Later on, heading to the streets, you will start your day walking in the fresh air under countless orange trees. I simply love the view and the feeling of the small cosy streets with endless orange trees. For me, the oranges are like small little balls of sun with their vibrant colours smiling upon you.

It is interesting that while I am writing these lines, it is the season of collecting oranges after the cold winter period in Monaco. The workers of the Department of Urban Amenities have already collected over 18 tons of oranges during the annual pruning of the bitter orange trees that line the main roads. It is an incredibly large amount, so you can imagine the view of those little orange balls rolling up and down the streets.

The Principality has over 700 citrus trees and part of the oranges are given away free to anyone who would like them. It is great to vitalize your day with some fresh fruit. Therefore, my morning walks under these orange forests are always a colourful dream for me, and it puts me in a good mood for the start of the day.

Finally, you will arrive at your favourite coffee place probably just at your corner, where you can enjoy your strong espresso with a freshly baked, crunchy croissant. Meanwhile you will be noticed and greeted by many of your acquaintances and friends, who send you the sign that you are not forgotten in a multi-million city. You are somebody here, a part of the unique Monaco family. No matter how you will spend the rest of your day, this uplifting start is always guaranteed.

What you will also notice in Monaco is the level of positivity. The Principality is a very positive place where people are still ready to smile or talk to each other just as our grandparents did hundred years ago.

Monaco is a very vibrant country but I would never label Monaco as a busy and stressful place. Comparing Monaco to other big financial cities is not possible. You cannot find the same busy and stressful atmosphere that you see in big cities such as New York. Monaco offers a very laid-back life-style for its residents. It whispers in your ears that you have arrived, and that you have reached something in your life – something great.

In my personal experiences, almost every single night, I go out to enjoy the night scene of the Principality. I do not go out to a club, but rather enjoy the night view and the fresh air. I often light a big cigar and I walk hours during the evenings enjoying the lights reflecting on the sea. The port is beautiful during the night, especially with the recently-built Monaco Yacht Club. It is a gorgeous construction shaped like a huge ship.

Meanwhile, I enjoy the taste and the smoke of my Pleiades. It is always a great privilege to look up on the Rock where the Princely Palace stands and see the tiny lights of Monaco-Ville, the oldest part of the Principality of Monaco. Having this view, I always feel respect, acceptance and appreciation to be here.

Often, I also gaze at the sky, which is usually clear and full of stars. It is a beautiful view, and for me, it is breathtaking to see the clear sky in such beauty. I came to Monaco from Berlin, Germany which is a much bigger city. The street where I lived were almost twice as long as the whole country of Monaco, and because of the countless city lights, it is nearly impossible to see the stars as bright and clear as you can observe them above the skies of the Principality.

Walking further, my midnight stroll often goes around the Casino, which has its special magic during the night.

You can also have this feeling when big events take place such as the Formula One Grand Prix, the Monaco Yacht Show, the Tennis Rolex Masters, the Top Marque, the Opera Bal, etc. In Monaco, each and every event you are part of is something unique watched by the rest of the world.

As you can see, the Principality of Monaco is exceptional for me also because often the old and traditional is mixed with the new and modern. One of the greatest example one can observe of this, is in the architectural scenery of the Principality.

Tour Odeon and old villa in Monaco
Tour Odeon and old villa in Monaco / Photo: Zsolt Szemerszky

Last year I took a beautiful photo showcasing this contrast. It is one of my favourite one, because it features an old classical villa right next to the magnificent, ultra-luxurious Tour Odeon. The difference between them is spectacular, yet they both represent the luxury from their respective eras.

Living in Monaco is a kind of a sexy feeling, especially if you open your eyes and soul to observe the hidden beauties of the Principality.

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