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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

Personalities in Monaco

Personalities in Monaco

People often visit Monaco to realise their dreams, even just for a day. For hundreds of years, this exceptional place has attracted not only tourists, but the most colourful personalities. Many of the residents of the Principality of Monaco work with each other in the community where they make positive global change.

Monaco does not just merge cultural diversity, it also creates a platform to unite diverse interests. This is clearly reflected by the fact that Monaco’s two square kilometre territory is the home to 139 different nationalities. This makes the Principality of Monaco a multi- national hub on the southern shore of Mediterranean Europe.

As I described before, Monaco offers a combination of unique advantages in an integrated way, which makes the Principality a special place in Europe. This tiny country, with its small population, offers exceptional security and safety, a profitable fiscal system, political and economic stability, as well as exceptionally good weather conditions throughout the year.

Few people know that Monaco is not just a pioneering region in the field of sustainability, but it has always had a strong role in the innovation sector.

1910 - Aviation in Monaco
1910 – Aviation in Monaco | © Courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM

It is widely known that Monaco was a pioneer in the history of the casino industry, but it is much less known that Monaco was a key site that attracted numerous innovators of the aviation world.

This started in 1908, when Camille Blanc suggested to Prince Albert I of Monaco that they should organise a major flying competition in the Principality. In 1911, Henri Fabre flew over the Port of Monaco in his seaplane, putting on a unique show for spectators who had flocked to the Casino terraces, before his plane unfortunately crashed on therocks. Later in 1914, Monaco was the arrival point for the first air rally, inspired by automobile rallies.

1913 - Aviation in Monaco
1913 – Aviation in Monaco | © Courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM

In 1921, Monaco held its last flying competition. The activity was abandoned due to the lack of space to accommodate the ever- growing crowds of spectators. Monaco was proud to have played an important part in aviation history for a decade.

1920 - Aviation in Monaco
1920 – Aviation in Monaco | © Courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM

More recently, the Palace has turned its hand to marine protection, evolving a green and sustainable environment. In June 2006, H.S.H. Prince Albert II established his foundation (Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco) with the purpose of protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable development. Noting the remarkable efforts of the Prince, many Monaco-based companies are committed to following in his footsteps. The decision to drive cleaner vehicles, create solar energy, and build waste-water treatment plants, all represent key aspects of a modern and sustainable region. Monaco’s green environment and its global efforts attract millions of people from around the world.

The Principality of Monaco motivates people to change at the global level. And what is very interesting to see is that Monaco helps its residents maintain their self-expression and personal identity.

For example, not so many people know that Princess Stephanie did a single with Michael Jackson or that Monaco royals like tattoos.

H.S.H. Princess Stephanie always tried to stand out from her brother, H.S.H. Prince Albert II and sister, H.R.H. Princess Caroline. The Princess released two music albums and her song “Ouragan” – released in 1986 – is one of the best-selling singles in France of all time.

H.S.H. Princess Stephanie and Michael Jackson
H.S.H. Princess Stephanie and Michael Jackson

The Princess even had a single with the “King of Pop“, Michael Jackson. The song “In the Closet” was released on April 9, 1992 as the third single from Michale Jackson’s eighth album, Dangerous (1991).

H.S.H. Princess Stephanie and Michael Jackson
H.S.H. Princess Stephanie and Michael Jackson

It became a worldwide hit and reached the top 10 in the United States. At the time of the release, the song’s female vocal was originally labeled as “Mystery Girl”. H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie’s involvement was not revealed until a few years later.

She was a cover girl on Vogue and Vanity Fair. She also launched her own swimwear collection and perfume fragrance.

H.S.H. Princess Stephanie, has also frequently put her tattoos on display over the years, including a dragon inking on her back. The Monaco royal also has a floral tattoo on her wrist, as well as two jumping dolphins on her ankle.

Her daughter, Pauline Ducruet, has followed mother H.S.H. Princess Stephanie’s lead, and has a flower inked onto her arm.

Self-expression and being proud of who we are is part of the everyday life of the Principality. This is also the reason why many celebrities, professional athletes, and accomplished people choose the Principality; it is a space where they can truly be themselves.

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