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by Zsolt Szemerszky

Zsolt Szemerszky

What I love in Monaco

What I love in Monaco

Having spent ten years in and out of the Principality of Monaco, I still enjoy the sunshine, the sea, and the view of those beautiful orange trees. Although, I have to confess that even though I spent my first months in Monaco, later on, I decided to reside in Beausoleil, France which is the town around Monaco.

For those who do not know, the Monaco-Beausoleil relation, they are “breathing” together. The locals basically call Beausoleil “upper- Monaco”.

When you walk on the border of Monaco, the right side of the one- way street is Monaco and the left side is Beausoleil. The distance between them is just 3 meters (and of course the jurisdiction to which they apply).

For me, it was an easier choice to stay in the European Union, and the three steps I needed to to cross the street, made this decision much easier. Still, I can spend all my daytime in the heart of the Principality of Monaco.

I also love that I am in a place, which motivates me to create a better quality of life myself. Seeing so many successful people allows you to learn from them and to get inspiration to move forward and to achieve your own ambitions.

I always believed that the environment where we live strongly influences us. Without even realizing it, we are able to develop habits based on the people surrounding us, and sometimes it can bring us back to our aims. However, living in an environment, which motivates us and shows us things we are aiming to accomplish can give a whole different vibe.

Yes, changing environment can be crucial because you leave your comfort zone. But is it really a bad thing? I do not believe so. Comfort zone means things based on our daily routines. It seems to offer safety and stability, but never significant improvement. All the magic happens outside of your comfort zone, because that is where you can find the contrast and the motivation. When you are able to challenge your comfort zone, you will also find the possibility to turn your dreams into reality.

At the moment you make your foothold in the Principality of Monaco, you will see that Monaco really appreciates creative people, new ideas, and out-of-the-box views. You will also appreciate that it is not as superficial as you may have thought it to be, before you finally decided to relocate. You can find great communities based on your deepest desire, and investors and patrons to fulfil your visions and dreams.

For me the infrastructure of Monaco is also fascinating. If you ever walked on the little mountain called the “Rock” you can discover the amazing Monaco-Ville with its tiny old streets and beautiful buildings. It resembles a small-scale Venice, just without the water and gondolas.

I also get many inspirations from the Japanese Garden, which I believe holds a special atmosphere. It is one of the sources of my creations as well.

However, for many years, Monaco has been undergoing massive modernisation.

It is truly impressive to see the contrasting scenery, specifically the old historic villas next to the ultra-modern buildings. It is an impressive mix of traditional and modern luxury, as the history blends into the future.

I kindly advise everyone to spend more time to discover the small and even more amazing details of Monaco, because the Principality is more than a Formula One Grand Prix race track or a casino with sport cars. The more you discover, the more magic happens…

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